We noted a number of news items about Starbucks this week and thought we’d pass some along. First, there was the report that they have partnered with Joyride Coffee Distributors to make cold brew coffee for the company using Starbucks’ beans and packaging in in kegs. Joyride delivers non-alcoholic beverage kegs to commercial locations in a number of cities. In the company’s home base of Seattle, this week, they are testing a completely cashless store – accepting only credit card and mobile payments at the downtown location. And finally, we noted a settlement was reached by the company with mall operator Simon Property Group clearing the way for Starbucks to close the remaining 77 Teavana stores operating in Simon Malls. Months ago, in a most egregious, almost dictatorial ruling, a federal court ordered that the stores be kept open, costing Starbucks up to $130 million. The terms of the settlement were not released.