Starbucks was making news regularly this past week, when their annual shareholder meeting was being held.  First off, CEO Howard Schultz announced the company was jumping into the race relations conversation with their #Race Together initiative via a full-page ad in last Sunday’s New York Times.  Having their baristas write race together messages on their customer’s orders did not go as well as they might have hoped, however in the initial reaction on Twitter.  They also announced the launch of their new Mobile Ordering platform and later that same day, announced agreement with a third party in Seattle to begin their test delivery service.  They will test it on the east coast in New York City later this year.  They also announced a 2-for-1 stock split on Wednesday.  For our part, we also noted that the Tampa Convention Center terminated their agreement with Starbucks, opting to partner with a local company instead.  We also took note of an effort by Enough is Enough, a pornography-free wi-fi campaign, to get both Starbucks and McDonalds to filter their free wi-fi so that sexual predators and pornographers cannot use their services for illicit purposes.