Starbucks announced this week that it was changing course relative to its upscale Reserve Roasteries and Reserve coffee bars, redirecting its focus on traditional outlets. Under former CEO Howard Schultz, the company had planned to open as many as 1,000 new Reserve coffee bars, but current CEO Kevin Johnson has scrubbed those plans for the foreseeable future. In fact, rather than the 1,000 unit target, Starbucks is now planning to open between 6 and 10 of the Reserve stores before it revisits the plan. In other news from Starbucks, the company announced it was placing needle disposal boxes in restrooms throughout the country in response to complaints of used syringes being discarded in Starbucks bathrooms. You will recall that last May, Starbucks opened its restrooms to anyone wishing to use it in the wake of a problem in Philadelphia relating its prior customer-only policy.