American humorist Will Rogers is credited with saying that “conventional wisdom is not conventional.”  And that adage was proven again as it certainly wasn’t foreseen by the experts, pollsters and pundits that Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump would handily (289-218 in the Electoral College) win Tuesday’s election and will become the nation’s 45th President. For only the fifth time in our history (but the second since 2000), the candidate winning the popular vote failed to garner the required minimum number of Electoral College votes to become President. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the popular vote (as did her husband’s Vice President Al Gore in 2000), but lost a number of critical states and their electoral votes.  Whether you were pleased by Tuesday’s results or saddened, Donald Trump is our President-elect now and all Americans should be anxious to help him successfully lead our country to greatness. It will be refreshing to have a President in office with such a long history of job creation and extensive business experience.  We wish President-elect Trump every success moving forward.