Don’t worry that ISIS continues their terrorist killing sprees or that Iran may be able to pursue a nuclear weapon in another 8 years, 80 members of Congress are targeting the real threat to our nation – unstable work schedules for low income workers!  Led by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Patty Murray (WA) and Chris Murphy (CT), a coalition in Congress has filed the “Schedules That Work Act of 2015” for consideration in Washington, DC.  The legislation, which was introduced on Wednesday, would restrict the ways by which employers can schedule their employees to work.  It would ban employers with more than 15 employees from using split shifts, sending workers home without paying them and putting employees ‘on call’ among other ‘unfair’ employment practices.  It would also guarantee the right of employees to request schedule changes and require the employer to respond to each request; and, if made because of a health condition, child or elder care, a second job, or education, would require the employer’s approval unless precluded by a “legitimate business reason”!  As written, employees in food service, cleaning, retail and other occupations with documented scheduling abuses (?) would also get their work schedules two weeks in advance or be eligible for extra pay.  That’ll show them!!!