Notwithstanding the partisan divide that continues in the Nation’s Capital, Congress is looking at possibly passing another multi-billion to trillion dollar economic relief package when the House returns to DC next week. Republicans and Democrats are divided over what to include, but they have each been floating different ideas that we want to keep watch for. Currently, the scuttlebutt has the following in play: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McDonnell favors a liability shield for businesses that would protect businesses from the plethora of lawsuits that are expected as the economy begins to reopen; President Trump has indicated his support for a suspension of payroll taxes that would inject more capital into business and provide workers with a temporary pay bump; some are talking about adding still more funding to the Paycheck Protection Program and possibly relaxing some of the restrictions on spending PPP funds; across the aisle, a number of democrats want to pump significant monies into state and local budgets to offset tax losses stemming from the coronavirus shutdowns; and still others are anxious to extend the expanded unemployment insurance benefits that already provide incentive for some workers to stay home rather than return to their hourly jobs. We’ll keep you posted on new developments.