In our haste to keep an eye on and advise you of all the various legal changes that have occurred over the past few months in all states across the Dunkin’ footprint, we seem to have missed a couple of changes that took effect in Connecticut this week. First, Connecticut’s minimum wage increased by $0.90/hour this past Tuesday, October 1st to $11.00 per hour. In addition, a number of new/expanded provisions regarding sexual harassment within the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act took effect on October 1 as well. Specifically, the employee threshold for employers required to provide all workers with sexual harassment prevention training was lowered to 3 employees and that training must be completed by October 1, 2020. Subsequently, new hires thereafter must be provided the training within 6 months of their hiring date. In addition, state law now provides that all supervisors, regardless how big or small a company may be, MUST be provided with sexual harassment prevention training within 6 months of them assuming any supervisory responsibilities. We regret not reporting these changes before October 1st.