Gloucester boil order in 5th straight day

Azorean Restaurant Gloucester

Azorean Restaurant Gloucester

Kathy McCabe  rerports in The Boston Globe that the Azorean martini, a potent mix of passion-fruit liqueur and vodka, has gone unusually dry at Azorean Bar & Grille. The cocktail has been off the menu, along with all other mixed drinks requiring ice, since a water contamination problem forced Gloucester businesses to close or curtail services for a fifth straight day.

“No mixed drinks,’’ Manny Lapa, a manager at the popular Portuguese restaurant, said yesterday. “We don’t want to risk anything. We’re sticking with beer, wine, and bottled water.’’

Orange cones blocked the drive-through at a Dunkin’ Donuts shop, one of the five in Gloucester closed since Friday, when the state Department of Environmental Protection issued a boil-water order for Gloucester, after a high rate of coliform bacteria was found in the city’s drinking-water supply.

“I had no choice but to close,’’ said owner Deo Braga, who also owns the Azorean. “We can’t boil water.’’

Under the order, businesses are required to boil water for five minutes before using it. Residents are advised to boil water for one minute before drinking it.

Braga said his coffee brewers draw water directly from the city’s water supply. And on hot August days, when iced coffee and frosty lattes are popular sellers, he goes through pounds and pounds of ice.

“We use water and ice,’’ he said. “I didn’t want to chance anything.’’

From Main Street to the city’s storied fish piers, the boil order is having a chilling effect on Gloucester businesses.

About 70 employees at Braga’s five Dunkin Donuts stores have been out of work since Friday. Braga estimates he will lose $150,000 in coffee sales. “August is one of our biggest months,’’ he said.

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