Federal Judge Amos Mazzant, presiding over the US District Court for the Eastern District in Sherman, Texas this week granted an emergency, nationwide injunction against the implementation of the new overtime regulation from the Department of Labor.  The DOL rule would have more than doubled the salary threshold for payment of overtime (the so-called “white collar exemption”) from the current $455 per week to $913 weekly.  Although Judge Mazzant’s order does not permanently block the new rule, it does prevent the regulation from taking effect on December 1, 2016 while the legal challenge winds its way through the courts.  Some 21 states joined together to bring the challenge alleging that the DOL exceeded its legal authority with the rule and that the rule if implemented could cause irreparable harm to the plaintiffs.  The court agreed and granted the nationwide injunction. The lawsuit by the states had been consolidated by the court with a separate lawsuit, filed by business interests. The Department of Labor (and the Obama administration) is considering its options which may include appealing Judge Mazzant’s order.  With Congress considering legislation to overturn the DOL rule and President-elect Trump assuming the presidency on January 20, it is plausible that new rule will be dramatically altered before it ever takes effect.