The battle continues in San Antonio over an ordinance passed by the City Council mandating paid sick leave for private employees. The ordinance, originally passed over a year ago and approved again in October 2019, was set to take effect this past weekend (December 1) but was enjoined last week by State District Court Judge Peter Sakai pending adjudication of outstanding lawsuits. As enacted, the Sick and Safe Leave Ordinance required private employers within San Antonio to offer at least 56 hours of annual paid time off to their employees, including temporary, seasonal, full and part-time workers. It was originally set to take effect on August 1, but was pushed back to December in light of court challenges. Texas small business interests have argued that the question of mandating paid leave for private employees belongs in the Texas state legislature and should not be mandated at the local level. The city of San Antonio is presently considering its legal options, including a further appeal to the Court of Appeals.