A three judge panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the rejection by the lower court of arguments raised by the International Franchise Association in its lawsuit against the City of Seattle minimum wage law.  You will recall that the IFA challenged the law as being illegally discriminatory against franchises back when it was first enacted in July 2014.  In its initial filing, the IFA said the ordinance “unfairly and irrationally discriminates against interstate commerce generally, and small businesses that operate under the franchise business model specifically.”  In essence, the wage law, which took effect on April 1 of this year, punishes large companies – including franchises – by requiring them to pay the higher minimum wages years earlier.  Most troubling in the decision, the court found that the “IFA did not provide persuasive evidence showing that the public interest would suffer as a result of allowing the ordinance to take effect, failed to raise serious question going to the merits of any of its claim, and failed to show that an injunction was in the public interest.”  The IFA has not decided whether to appeal the case further – to the US Supreme Court, but hinted that might be a possibility.