As we reported to you back in early December, the federal court in Texas enjoined the new Department of Labor overtime regulations that would have more than doubled the overtime exemption threshold to over $47,000, a decision that DOL quickly appealed. Last week, Judge Amos Mazzant of the District Circuit, who actually issued the injunction in the first place, rejected the DOL arguments for a stay of execution on the injunction until a decision on its appeal is reached by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  At the same time and fearing the likelihood of the Trump administration dropping all appeals on the revised overtime regulations, the Texas AFL-CIO asked the court for permission to intervene as a defendant in the case.  That request is still pending before Judge Mazzant, who has been the central jurist consistently on the issue. As the federal overtime rule continues on life support in the federal courts, we want to again caution our readers that a there are a number of state overtime regulations with which employers in those states must comply and judicial rulings on the federal effort to increase the overtime threshold have no impact on those state mandates.