A Cook County Circuit Judge granted a temporary injunction enjoining the implementation of the new Cook County penny-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages until at least July 12 and the court can hear more arguments over the validity of the issue. In granting the petition sought by the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Judge Daniel Kubasiak found that irreparable harm to the plaintiffs was likely in the event that the tax was determined to be unconstitutional. The county proposed that in that event, it would simply refund and dollars collected – basically, no harm, no foul – but the judge wasn’t buying that line. Instead, he ruled that the county’s proposal “does not provide a reasonable procedure to return the collected money to the taxpayers.” He also concluded that there was a fair question as to whether the tax is constitutional. As could have been expected, the county officials who pushed for the adoption of the new tax threaten the need to cut all county department budgets by 10% if the tax is not in place by August 1.