Incredibly, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo accused businesses of stealing from the taxpayers because the state provides financial assistance to residents earning below certain levels of income.  On a “push the legislature for $15/hour wage” tour, the Governor said that “Business is stealing from the taxpayers of this state” because workers making less than $15/hour often receive state assistance.  In absolutely tortured logic, he went on to explain that since half of the fast food workers making minimum wage in New York are parents supporting children, then it follows that the state is subsidizing companies that pay the legal minimum wage!  Saying “this is a scam my friend.  This is the mother of all corporate loopholes”, he went on to allege that $700 million of the $2 billion in subsidies the state pays out annually goes to fast food workers who earn minimum wage, and that therefore if the minimum wage were raised to $15/hour, he could give the $2 billion back to the taxpayers in a tax cut!