OK, he may not have actually killed it, but declaring it DOA in Albany is about as close to terminal as it gets. A few weeks back, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio endorsed the idea of increasing the city income tax on an individual making more than $500,000 ($1 million for couples) by an additional .5% to cap the local haul at 4.4% (for the time being, at least). Mayor de Blasio first floated the millionaire tax at the beginning of the month as a vehicle by which NYC could fund maintenance and repairs of the Metropolitan Transit Agency proposing that taxing the only 30,000 – 35,000 people making in excess of those thresholds could generate $800 million to fix the subway. Cuomo, a former political friend of de Blasio proposed splitting the costs of repairing the system with the city but de Blasio wouldn’t agree to part with any of the city’s projected $4 billion 2017 surplus – he’d rather take it from the taxpayers!