As always seems to be the case, there’s much happening on a broad array of issues in New York. First off just last week, Cuomo gave his approval and signed a new law that will give some small businesses the right to cure a default and thereby avoid costly fines in many regulatory first-offense cases. The law, a similar version of which Cuomo vetoed last session because of concerns that it could jeopardize public safety, was tweaked to address the governor’s concerns and now provides a mechanism for businesses to make themselves whole before a fine is imposed. At the same time however, as Cuomo sets his legislative priorities for the year, he is planning to propose a statewide ban on Styrofoam food and drink containers and has proposed eliminating the New York tipped wage for certain industries (as of this writing the tipped wage for the restaurant industry will not be eliminated). And, as we’ve reported over the past few weeks, the minimum wage is increasing, but aside from that, business owners must be aware of other recent changes in New York law with annual anti-sexual harassment training now mandatory and pay equity mandated last year along with a ban on salary history inquiries. The governor let his hatred for President Trump get the better of him right before Christmas when he vetoed a bill that would have allowed federal judges to perform weddings in New York. His reason: some were appointed by President Trump!