The state of Maine may be waiting for input on the minimum wage issue from the electorate, but not so much, the Washington DC City Council.  The capital’s legislative body unanimously approved an ordinance to hike the hourly minimum of $10.50 to $15/hour in 2020.  The minimum was already scheduled to increase by $1 to $11.50 on July 1 and that increase will still take effect.  In addition however, now under the new bill, filed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, the wage will rise by about $.70 per year until it reaches $15.  In large measure, the law is in response to a more egregious proposal that was likely headed to the DC ballot in November.  That proposal would have eliminated the tipped wage entirely and mandated a$15 minimum for everyone (waiters, waitresses and other tipped employees included).  This law more than doubles the federal minimum of $7.25, paid in Virginia, so the impact could be significant.