On Tuesday by a vote of 11-2, the Washington DC City Council gave initial approval to a new Family Leave Act that may ultimately require employers to grant workers, both full- and part-time, eight weeks of paid family leave, six weeks of leave to care for a sick family member and two weeks of sick leave along with up to 90% of their weekly salary capped at $1000.  To cover the costs of the benefit mandate, the legislation calls for a 0.62 percent increase in payroll taxes on every size business in the district with those funds (estimated at $250 million annually) being paid through a city-managed fund.  Tuesday’s approval was preliminary in that the legislation must be approved again on December 20 by the Council and by signed into law by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.  Mayor Bowser, who has expressed concern about the impact it will have on small business as well as the amount of the new benefit (estimated at 65%) that would go to commuters residing outside Washington DC, has not yet indicated whether she would approve the measure. Notwithstanding, with an 11-2 margin of victory, proponents will likely override any veto.