In the sober light of day, the District of Columbia City Councilors are hopefully starting to realize how expensive these feel good mandates can be.  A paid leave proposal being considered in DC would require employers to pay into a fund from which employees would be paid up to 16 weeks paid leave for employees in the event of an illness, birth or adoption of a child, or caring for a family member.  Further, employees would be eligible for up to $1,000/week plus 50% of their average salary.  In light of the fact that the District could not afford the mandates of its own proposal, councilors have recently circulated an amended version which would provide up to 50% or 90% (depending on income) of average wages for a qualified ‘life event’ for up to 12 weeks.  Under both versions, employers would pay monies into a district-managed fund from which employees would be paid.  What could possibly go wrong?