As expected, early this week the DC Council adopted the Universal Paid Leave Bill that received its initial approval on an 11-2 vote two weeks ago. This time around, the final tally was a veto-proof 9-4 after two councilors made a concerted but unsuccessful effort to amend the bill by swapping out the 0.62 payroll tax increase with a requirement that employers fund it directly. As passed, the bill provides DC workers with up to 8 weeks paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child, 6 weeks of paid leave to care for a family member and 2 weeks of paid leave for “self-care” in the event of a personal health condition.  Workers would be eligible for up to 90% of their salary subject to a $1000 weekly cap.  Mayor Muriel Bowser has said she will not add her name to the legislation, and predicted “the council will need to revisit this legislation”, which she has called “a $250 million tax increase to mostly benefit residents of Maryland and Virginia.” Notwithstanding, it still isn’t clear if that means she will veto it or just let it become law (it can become law without her signature, while a veto would send it back to the Council).  Either way, Congress must approve it as well, so there’s likely more to come on the issue.