The voters approved it back in June by a margin of 56-44%, but members of the DC City Council have a different view of its cost/benefit. By a vote of 8-5, the council passed the first of 2 votes required to formally repeal the law which is slated to completely eliminate the tipped wage by 2026. If left in place, Initiative 77 phases out the tipped wage (currently, $3.89 per hour) in the Nation’s Capital over the next 8 years and mandates that by 2026, all employees in DC are to be paid the full minimum wage. Council President Philip Mendelson, who saw the measure as harmful to the DC restaurant industry, led the effort to repeal Initiative 77. A second vote is required to officially send the repeal measure to Mayor Muriel Bowser. She also opposed Initiative 77 and has indicated that she will sign the repeal if it reaches her desk.