The Washington DC City Council has postponed further action on two proposals pending before it that are of interest to small business.  Although it was thought both the paid sick leave and predictive work scheduling bills would receive a preliminary vote this week, Council Chairman Phil Mendelson withdrew the proposals from this week’s agenda.  Discussions on “finding the right balance” between cost and benefit to move the proposals forward will continue throughout the summer months, but the postponement means no further action will be taken before September at the earliest.  As currently written, the family leave bill would mandate 16 weeks of paid family leave for employees and fund it through a 1% payroll tax on employers, while the scheduling bill would dictate a minimum 21-day advance notice of work schedules and penalize violations with “predictability pay” for employees.  Advocates claim the 1% tax would yield enough money for the family leave bill, while an analysis by the Greater Washington Board of Trade shows the proceeds from the payroll tax would be over $383 million short of actual costs.