Just a few weeks ago, the Washington DC City Council seemed hell-bent on balancing its municipal budget on the backs of already suffering businesses, but at long last, common sense has apparently prevailed. The DC Council approved a $16.8 billion budget for FY 2021 this week and in doing so, abandoned a new 3 percent advertising tax on businesses. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson reversed course last week and withdrew the ad tax he had advocated some time and the council passed early this month. The advertising tax, which was among a host of new tax initiatives totaling $60 million, would have imposed an additional 3% tax on digital advertisements placed anywhere by DC-based companies, but not on ads placed even within the district by companies headquartered outside the Nation’s Capital. In the end, Mayor Muriel Bowser along with a coalition of business groups prevailed upon Chairman Mendelson to abandon the advertising tax idea.