After so many years of National Labor Relations Decisions coming down on the side of organized labor, the tide has now turned according to a liberal Washington DC think tank. The left-leaning Economic Policy Institute released an analysis of NLRB decisions this week that they claim shows a bias in favor of business interests by the republican-dominated agency under the Trump administration. EPI specifically points to the Hy-Brand decision in 2017, the Board’s ruling in Johnson Controls and its January reversal in SuperShuttle DFW as the evidence of pro-business bias. Hy-Brand overturned the egregious Browning-Ferris decision of 2015 greatly expanding the definition of joint employer, while Johnson Controls allows for businesses to drop unions that no longer have majority employee support. SuperShuttle DFW, Inc. reversed an Obama-era decision that made it harder for employers to classify workers as independent contractors. The moral of this story is that “Elections do have consequences!”