It seems to be the issue that just won’t go away, but the District of Columbia Superior Court has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the validity of signatures gathered to certify Initiative 82 for the November ballot. The suit was filed by a local bartender who wants to continue to collect tips rather than be paid a straight, albeit higher, minimum wage. The ballot petition, first proposed in 2017 and then known as Initiative 77, was passed by the voters in 2018. In the face of tremendous opposition from tipped workers – the very workers the petition purported to help, Initiative 77 was, subsequently repealed by the City Council. Not willing to let the repeal stand, One Fair Wage, the political advocacy arm of the Restaurant Opportunity Center (ROC), resubmitted the petition, collected the requisite signatures and continues to push the placement of the question back on the DC ballot.  The current City Council does not appear willing to repeal it again should it prevail before the voters.