Daniel Connelly is former Dunkin’ Brands Executive

DDIFO is pleased to announce the addition of Daniel P. Connelly to its Board of Directors. Connelly is currently the director of business management for Joyal Capital Management, LLC in Plymouth, MA and is a former business development manager for Dunkin’ Brands, Inc.

In making the announcement, DDIFO board chairman Kevin McCarthy said, “Board members and franchisee leaders are most pleased with this appointment and look forward to working with Dan to enhance Dunkin’ Donuts’ franchise owner’s sales, profits and the overall strength and unity of the Dunkin’ Donuts brand.”

Connelly, a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and Babson College’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business, has extensive experience working in financial services, investment management and franchise development. During his tenure at Dunkin’ Brands, he led the acquisition of eleven Quickava coffee and baked goods shops managing the transaction from conception through closing.

“I am looking forward to working with franchise owners and DDIFO’s Board of Directors. My experience at Dunkin’ Brands and my current position providing business/estate/financial consulting for Dunkin franchise owners at Joyal Capital Management LLC gives me a strong understanding for what today’s franchise owners need and how the DDIFO can best address those needs,” said Connelly.

Connelly now joins Kevin McCarthy, Chairman; Joseph Kimball, Treasurer; and Patrick Kaufmann, Clerk; on the DDIFO Board of Directors.

Visit: DDIFO Leadership for more information.