As an independent franchise owner’s association, one of the primary objectives for DDIFO is to share franchisee experiences and best practices. By telling such stories, DDIFO aims to shed light on the wealth of knowledge and successes experienced within its ranks and convey ideas that inspire and spur success for all members. The DDIFO leadership believes that every franchise owner has a story to tell.

“In the four years that I’ve been writing about Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees, I’ve been impressed by the abundance of interesting stories about franchise owners’ expertise as business operators and entrepreneurs, dedication to their communities and local charities, and the role they’ve played in the success of the Brand,” said DDIFO Communications Director Matt Ellis. “We need these stories, because all of our members can learn from and be encouraged by the experiences of their peers: They are simply the best source of information and inspiration.”

In recent years, Ellis and DDIFO Writer Susan Minichiello have covered stories like,

• The Boston Marathon challenges, success and lessons learned by franchise owner George Alepedis (read article; p. 10 of June 2011 Independent Joe)
• The success of Dunkin’ Donuts shops on college campuses as experienced by franchise owner Matt Doyle (read article; p. 5 of December 2010 Independent Joe)
• Two charity golf tournaments in memory of franchise owner and DCP Chairman John Henderson (read article)
• The response of the Brand to franchise owner Mike White’s predicament after flooding in the Atlanta area (read article)
• Franchise owner Neal Faulkner’s partnership venture with Citizens Bank (read article)
• President Obama’s recognition of franchise owner Andy Cabral in a speech about the SBA (read article)
• The 50th anniversary celebration of the Deslauriers family’s franchise ownership (read article) and its implementation of solar power and other green technologies (read article)
• Inside the largest CML in Chicagoland and why owner Vishal Shah says the 45,000 square foot facility can lower upfront costs for new franchisees in the market (read article; p. 10 of December 2009 Independent Joe)

“These are just a handful of the outstanding and uplifting stories we’ve been able to share,” said Ellis. “But it’s important to note that even if something you’re doing is routine for you, it could be eye-opening for other franchise owners, especially those who are new to the business.”

DDIFO’s communications team is working on Issue #10 of Independent Joe which includes articles on how the Rhode Island Fair Dealership Act paved the way for a fair franchising bill under debate in Massachusetts and what franchisees need to know about using social media to communicate with customers.

DDIFO is eager to hear your stories about daily operations, charity work and community involvement, innovative programs and practices, successes and celebrations, lessons learned, and legacy stories—i.e., those that highlight multiple generations of ownership. Please email your story ideas to Matt Ellis ( or DDIFO President Jim Coen (