Coming off the announcement that 400 Dunkin’ shops in the Chicago region have joined the DD Independent Franchise Owners (DDIFO), the organization will host a meeting for franchise owners in the New York Metro area and Mid-Atlantic region on Thursday June 3, 2010, at the Sheraton Hotel in Newark, NJ.

“We are very excited about the meeting at the Newark Sheraton,” said Jim Coen, President of the DDIFO. “So far, pre-registration has been very strong, in part because of our dynamic roster of speakers, including Tom Colitsas—a member of the board of directors for the Independent Association of Franchise Operators (IAFO) the area’s newly created franchisee association.” Coen says IAFO is requesting recognition as a Local Members Committee of the DDIFO, similar to the recently created Chicago members committee.

Presently, over 2300 Dunkin’ Donuts shops are represented by DDIFO, making it the largest association of DD franchise owners in the U.S. Coen says his goal is to make DDIFO a nationally organized association. .

Joining Colitsas on the agenda for the meeting is Seth Ellis of Ellis & Goldberg, P.L. a trust and estate planning firm with areas of practice in administration and litigation for probate, trust and guardianship cases. Ellis currently represents a number of DD franchise owners in New England and Florida.

Also on the agenda are: Kevin McCarthy, Esq., Chairman of DDIFO and Gary Joyal, Managing Partner of Joyal Capital Management, LLC and Affiliates. There will be a Q & A session of Brand Advisory Council members that will be moderated by Jim Cain.

Over the past year, DDIFO has joined with a number of sponsors to provide direct access for franchise owners to vendors and service providers. 16 sponsors have signed on to be part of the Newark meeting.

Among the strengths of DDIFO is its independence. As McCarthy wrote in the upcoming edition of Independent Joe magazine, “There is no stronger rationale for the existence of DDIFO than its exclusive focus on the welfare of its franchisee members. Forceful, exclusively focused, well financed and independent strength is available to you as a Dunkin’ franchise owner through DDIFO.”

The DDIFO Mid Atlantic Franchise Owners meeting kicks off at 10am. You can register to attend here.