DD Independent Franchise Owners have a new chairman of the board. Daniel Connelly received the majority in a recent vote of board and roundtable members. Connelly has been a member of the DDIFO board since 2009 and works as Director of Business Development for JCM Franchise Development, LLC.

DDIFO Chairman Dan Connelly

“It’s a privilege to serve with this group and I want to thank the leadership and the franchisees for their confidence in me. This has been a strong year of heightened involvement from the board, the roundtable and the membership. We are in the midst of a major transition of corporate company’s ownership and the equity of Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners is important. We look forward to working on their behalf and telling their story,” said Connelly.
Asheesh Seth will continue in his role as vice-chairman of the board. Seth assumed the role of interim-chairman following the resignation of Kevin McCarthy earlier this year.
“During this critical time for our franchisees, DDIFO is stronger than ever,” Seth said.

DDIFO Vice-Chairman Asheesh Seth

“With Dan Connelly as our new Chairman, and the unwavering commitment of the rest of our board, DDIFO will continue its push to stake a national presence and have a more impactful voice for our franchisees.”
DDIFO President Jim Coen reinforced that sentiment. “I look forward to working with the new leadership to continue the strategic direction of DDIFO. What pleases me most is how franchisees were engaged and involved in all of these decisions. DDIFO is a better organization as a result of robust franchisee involvement,” said Coen.

DDIFO Director Mark Dubinsky

In other board business, longtime DDIFO board member and former president Mark Dubinsky is returning to DDIFO to serve with the new board of directors. Dubinsky is a Managing Director of MKA Management, LLC—a real estate development and management company and is also President of a Central Manufacturing Location (CML) providing donuts and other fresh-baked goods for 90 Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
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