DDIFO is very proud of the fact that our semi-monthly magazine, Independent Joe, was recently selected by Folio Magazine, a New York based marketing magazine, as the winner of the Ozzie Award for best cover design in the business to business category.  The award winning cover was given for the July-August 2014 issue, entitled Westwood Ho! We especially want to thank Caroline Barney Cohen, principal of CPDesigns, and recognize her for the award.  Her firm, CPDesigns, handles all of our DDIFO marketing materials in addition to our magazine and website.  With the presidential debates taking place on a regular basis, we’ve been watching closely for clues on which of the candidates in either party will be best for small business interests.  In that vein, we took note of this article identifying 8 top quotes from the recent GOP debate in Milwaukee about business.  And, speaking of presidential candidates, did you notice GOP frontrunner Donald Trump recently called for a boycott of Starbucks over their decision to drop Merry Christmas from their cups during the upcoming holiday season?  He made the comments at a rally in Springfield Illinois.