Deborah Queller & Damien DEmic

Deborah Queller & Damien D'Emic

Michelle Megna & Heather Schultz write in the Daily News that Damien was at a Manhattan bar in October 2001 watching a baseball game when he turned his attention to a woman sitting nearby – Deborah, who was there with a group of friends.

The pair struck up a conversation and went on their first date a week later.

After dating for seven years, Damien, 39, operations manager for the Dunkin’ Donuts corporation, proposed during a hike on vacation in Nova Scotia, Canada, last September.

“For about a month, I knew I was going to do this on vacation,” said Damien. “We were in a picturesque spot where there was a point of land and a cove on one side and a cove on the other. I got down on one knee and said, ‘Will you marry me?'”

Instead of a traditional wedding venue, the upper West Side couple exchanged vows at the Helen Mills Theater in Chelsea. They then screened a slide-show montage, created by Deborah’s 17-year-old daughter, Amalia Queller. that included photos of their childhoods and moments from their relationship.

“We thought it would be kind of fun because it’s a theater,” said Deborah, 46, an attorney. “We definitely did not want something traditional. We wanted something New York.”

For the reception with 80 guests at the Landmark Tavern, an Irish bar in Hell’s Kitchen, Deborah had her friend, pastry chef Martin Howard, create a model of the Empire State Building made of chocolate.

The newlyweds had a one-week honeymoon at the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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