Notwithstanding that the current labor shortage is driving wages up without any kind of government mandate being necessary, efforts continue to impose a $15/hour minimum wage. While there’s still no movement in Congress on the national minimum (currently $7.25), Delaware – the home state of President Biden – is moving towards setting a $15 state minimum by January 1, 2025. Senate Bill 15 was passed by the Delaware state Senate back in March and although still pending in the Delaware House, appears to be gaining momentum in The First State. Since it was passed by the Senate and sent to the House, SB15 has been advanced by the House Economic Development/Banking Insurance & Commerce Committee as well as the House Appropriations Committee and is now scheduled for debate soon on the House floor. Two amendments have been filed and are also pending in the House – the first would halt the increases at $13.25 an hour in 2024 while the other expands the phase-in period by one year to 2026. Under SB15, the current $9.25 state minimum would increase to $10.50 on 1/1/22; rise again to $11.75 on 1/1/23; then to $13.25 on January 1, 2024 and finally to $15/hour effective January 1, 2025.