On July 1, 2011, Delphi Display Systems acquired the assets of Phase Research, including the Fast Track drive-thru timing systems. One of Delphi’s top priorities following this acquisition was to re-establish its relationship with Dunkin’ Brands and ensure delivery of the highest quality products and service. 

“Fast Track products were introduced at Dunkin’ Donuts stores when the drive-thru first became a key strategic initiative for the brand. As a pioneer in drive-thru timer technology, we helped Dunkin’ Donuts develop speed-of-service and drive-thru timer configuration standards and measure actual performance using Fast Track Timers,” said David Skinner, Vice President of Sales. “We are very pleased to have and continue our relationships with all Dunkin’ customers.”

Delphi provides turnkey site preparation and installation services throughout the US and serves major brands in 47 countries worldwide. With well over 20,000 timer systems installed in QSRs globally, Delphi is very proud that more than 2,300 of those are in Dunkin’ Donuts stores. Delphi continues to support all existing Fast Track timer systems. The company offers free video and webinar training as well as a toll-free customer service number manned by live technical support staff. When utilizing Delphi’s support staff, a striking majority of system problems—about 95 percent—are repairable by phone.

According to Delphi, its new Fast Track 3000 Series Drive-Thru Timer is the industry’s most accurate and reliable system. It is sleek and compact in design and network-ready for high-speed remote access. The system provides real-time speed-of-service data on LCD screens that are easy to read and easily customizable. Multi-colored graphs and other visual indicators allow you, your managers and crew to instantaneously see critical and detailed vehicle timing information as well as how your store is performing against benchmarks.

The Fast Track 3000 Series Drive-Thru Timer continually measures and logs service times and, with Fast Track PC software, makes generating corporate-required reports a snap. You can quickly download timer data; generate reports locally or remotely by daypart, shift, day or hour as well as month-to-month comparisons and weekly or quarterly reports; and automatically email reports. If you own multiple stores, an Enterprise edition enables you to download data from all locations into a single file to create customized reports and execute detailed performance analysis across all of your shops. Cost-effective upgrade packages and trade-in programs are available for Dunkin’ Donuts stores that already have a Fast Track timer but are looking to increase its functionality. 

 Delphi is looking forward to an order confirmation trial with Dunkin’ Brands and hopes to be able to offer its Order Confirmation Systems (OCS) to Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners in the future. Delphi says its OCS displays have the longest product life, highest reliability and lowest total cost of ownership, and they are field repairable. Delphi displays are also readable in direct sunlight, operate reliably in harsh weather and are energy efficient. 

“We remain committed to improving our customer service and doing a great job for Dunkin’ Donuts,” said Skinner. “We continue to evolve Fast Track products to help franchise owners increase their operational efficiency and profits.”


For more information, call Delphi Display Systems at 1-800-456-0060 or send an email to sales@delphidisplay.com. You can also learn more at www.delphidisplay.com.