As we’ve advised you over the past few weeks, the broader business community was pushing hard for President Trump to replace National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) member Mark Gaston Pearce when his term expired on Monday of this week. Unfortunately, the President rejected that recommendation and re-appointed Pearce on Tuesday, just one day after his initial full term expired. Pearce was originally appointed to the NLRB by President Obama as a recess appointment in March of 2010, an appointment that was challenged through the federal courts and ultimately overturned as unconstitutional by SCOTUS in 2013. Subsequently, Pearce was re-appointed and confirmed by the Senate to a full 5 year term. With his re-appointment by President Trump, he will now serve on the NLRB until 2023 at least. Insider speculation is that the re-appointment was part of a deal the President cut with Senate democrats who were blocking a host of other appointments that Trump had pending in the Senate. With Pearce now re-appointed, it is believed those appointments will now move quickly through the upper branch.