Notwithstanding the failure to ‘repeal and replace’ Obama Care with the American Health Care Act last week, the Obama legacy is in large measure being steadily and systematically dismantled by Congress and President Trump. This past week, the President signed a number of CRA (Congressional Review Act) resolutions into law – the first blocks an Obama rule that required businesses to disclose prior labor violations when they bid on federal contracts. Another blocks an OSHA recordkeeping rule relating injuries and illnesses, while a third resolution relates drug-testing unemployment recipients. In addition, the US Senate began debating just yesterday, a resolution that would rescind Department of Labor regulations simplifying a process for states and cities to sponsor IRAs for private sector employees. In the aggregate, the President has signed 9 bills into law voiding Obama administration regulations – with more coming. Prior to this year, the CRA had only been used once (by President George W. Bush) to void a regulation that was implemented by the prior administration.