It seems as though a couple of strong advocacy groups are using that old saying as their present day guiding light! First, let’s consider the Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC), a controversial advocacy group that fancies itself a strong employee advocacy group. The group, which is currently pushing for elimination of the entire tipping system, including the tipped wage, tip pools and the tip credit, is being sued by three former employees who say they faced a “a pattern of sex, race and age discrimination” while working for the organization. Ironically, ROC was also sued back in 2007 by employees who alleged unfair labor practices including firing employees for voicing criticisms and a ROC-owned restaurant reversed a previous promise of worker ownership. Another example of rampant hypocrisy appears to be the National Education Association (NEA), the largest union of teachers in the nation. Employees at the NEA in Washington DC are represented by a small union known as the National Education Association Staff Organization (NEASO). The NEASO Board of Directors recently voted to authorize a strike – with support from 98% of its members – against the NEA for what they are calling a “slew of anti-union delay tactics.”