Hypocrisy was rampant from organized labor this week in the wake of Los Angeles adopting a $15/hour minimum wage over the next five years and then indexing it to inflation beginning in 2022, as we reported to you in SRNS last week.  In the wake of that “victory” by SEIU and its labor allies, Rusty Hicks, the leader of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and a leader of the so-called Raise the Wage coalition, doesn’t think the law should apply to the union, nor to any companies with which the union has already negotiated a collective bargaining agreement.  The bottom line then being that nobody should be working full-time and living in poverty (pegged at $15/hour by many in the labor movement), unless they are “benefitting” from a contract negotiated by a union that pays less than $15/hour!  In another related irony, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a true political “Profile in Courage”, who championed the $15 per hour proposal declined to take a position on the union push for an exemption.