Two medical advocacy groups joined the sugary drinks fray this week with issuance of a joint policy statement asking legislators to limit sugary drink consumption. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association are endorsing price hikes on sugary drinks through imposition of new excise taxes as well as adopting limits on advertising options for companies selling sugary beverages. Excise taxes on sugary drinks have been adopted in a number of local communities around the country – with San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia being some of the larger cities to adopt them. Connecticut legislators have resisted adopting a statewide tax on sugary beverages for several years, but Governor Ned Lamont is pushing his own 1.5 cents/ounce tax, so the likelihood of Connecticut becoming the first state to adopt the tax is significantly increased. Suffice it to say, with two medical organizations getting more active on it, we can expect to see a groundswell of new sugary drink tax proposals across the country.