With new Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta just getting sworn in, his Department of Labor has asked a Minnesota federal court for a further delay in its response deadline on a legal challenge to the Obama-era persuader rule. The rule, redefined under the previous administration, expanded the categories of “persuaders” – those hired to defeat union drives within the workplace – and mandated much more by way of disclosures from them. DOL has asked for delays in its response while the new Labor Department leadership crafts its formal position on the rule and whether it will pursue the litigation at all. A US District Court judge in Texas permanently enjoined the rule, but the appeal on that case is still pending as well. Just before Acosta was confirmed by the Senate, then-acting Labor Secretary Ed Hugler solicited suggestions from DOL staff on how the department could be better structured to function more efficiently and cost-effectively in accordance with a White House directive to reduce the federal civilian workforce.