On Wednesday of this week, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued its final rule of the “Advice” Exemption in Section 203(c) of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act – more commonly known as the persuader rule.  In the context of unionization efforts within a business, the rule requires employers to disclose to DOL conversations with legal counsel or other experts on unionization issues as well as employee relations, human resources and related topics.  Previously, disclosure of such privileged conversations were only required for those instances where an employer’s consultants or attorneys directly communicated with the employees.  There will be much more on this issue in the coming weeks, but if you’re wondering about the impact of the persuader rule on attorney-client privilege, the rule effectively eliminates it when you and your counsel are talking about legal strategies for remaining union-free.  Clearly, this effort is another in a long line of Obama administration undertakings to cultivate the growth of union activities in private businesses across the country.  The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace has created a very detailed website on which you can find a good deal more information on the new persuader rule and its potential impact.