The US Department of Labor (DOL) issues new additional guidance on return-to-work issues stemming from the First Coronvirus Response Act (FFCRA). These latest DOL rules provide direction for employers in regards to the application of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) as well as the FFCRA. In addition, the DOL also released new forms specific to the FMLA which employers must now use in reporting and tracking FMLA usage by employees. The new FMLA forms (the Combined Eligibility Notice and Notice of Rights and Responsibilities; and the Designation Notice) are lengthier, but more user-friendly as they provide expanded explanations of terms and obligations. Two other new forms were also released, Certification of Health Care Provider and Certification of Military Family Leave, with which employers should also be familiar. The new guidance on the FFCRA includes a Fact Sheet for Employers as well as a Question & Answer Resource along with other materials, all of which are available on the DOL website.