They just keep piling on, don’t they?  The Department of Labor yesterday issued regulations implementing President Obama’s 2015 executive order requiring that contractors with the federal government provide up to seven days of paid sick leave per year to employees of companies with federal contracts.  Obama initially mandated the new benefits by executive order over one year ago after failing for years to get some version of the Healthy Families Act through Congress. Now by fiat, he is mandating that federal contractors allow employees to earn up to 1 hour for every 30 hours worked and allow them to carry over up to 56 hours (7 days) of unused sick leave from one year to the next.  But there is more “news” for those involved with federal contracts – DOL’s Wage & Hour Division has issued formal notice of new minimum wage rates to be paid to workers on or in connection with federal contracts.  Beginning with the first of the year, the minimum wage for federal contractors will be $10.20 per hour and $6.80 per hour for tipped workers.  This increase in business costs also stems from an Obama Executive Order (#13658), which he signed back in February, 2014. Currently, the 2016 minimum wage under this Executive Order is $10.15/hour and $5.85 for tipped employees.