Notwithstanding pleas from business interests around the country as well as the Advocacy Office of the Small Business Administration, the Department of Labor has denied requests for extension of the public comment period.  As a result of the Department of Labor’s intransigence, all public comment on the Wage & Hour Division proposal to more than double the “white collar exemption” overtime trigger from the current $455/week to the proposed $970 must be received by close of business TODAYBusiness organizations had implored the Department to allow for more time to consider the ramifications of such a dramatic increase in labor costs, but to no avail.  The International Franchise Association (IFA) was one such organization and they have submitted exceptional detailed testimony on behalf of a broad array of franchise related organizations.  DDIFO has signed onto the IFA testimony as has the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA).  Their testimony will presumably be available on their website after it is formally submitted by day’s end.