It has been quite the lengthy roller coaster ride for 4 executive nominees within the Department of Labor (DOL), a ride that began back last summer and hasn’t ended yet. Just before they were set to vote, the Senate Health Education Labor & Pensions Committee (HELP) postponed votes on four DOL nominations – Patrick Pizzella, deputy labor secretary; Scott Mugno, assistant labor secretary for occupational safety and health; Cheryl Stanton, administrator of the wage and hour division; and William Beach, commissioner of labor statistics. The committee will reconvene the week of Jan. 16 to consider the nominations, but a date and location hasn’t been set. The White House sent the Pizzella nomination to the Senate on June 20, and his confirmation hearing was held on July 13, 2017. All four were approved by the HELP Committee in December, but the 2017 Congressional session ended before full Senate Confirmation. Consequently, the White House had to re-nominate all four at the beginning of this year.