Roanoke Times Journalists, and firefighters rise to the task for doughnut taste test

The doughnuts served at two Roanoke Valley Dunkin’ Donuts shops are not exactly the same and recent taste tests conducted by The Roanoke Times produced a split doughnut decision.

The completely unscientific tests compared doughnuts made in distinctly different ways and asked the pastry lovers in our newsroom and at a downtown fire station the question, “Which tastes the best?”

At the Franklin Road Dunkin’ Donuts, dough is rolled, cut and fried each morning, while the doughnuts at the Keagy Village Dunkin’ Donuts arrive already made and are baked and finished on site.

Last week, in a blind taste test among 28 staffers at The Roanoke Times, doughnuts baked at the Keagy Village location won out, with respondents reporting that the round treats tasted the freshest.

But in another blind taste test with 19 Roanoke firefighters and staff, doughnuts from the Dunkin’ Donuts on Franklin Road received the most votes.

These doughnuts were soft and fresher tasting, while the Keagy Village doughnuts were thicker and cake-like, many said.

The Roanake Times