R.F. Technologies, Inc. offers affordable state-of-the-art systems for digital drive-thru solutions, POS, wired intercom and digital surveillance.

As one of the DDIFO’s original Associate Members, R.F. Technologies (RFT) is proud of its Dunkin’ Donuts franchise customer base – around 350 active customers – and appreciates the opportunity to gain exposure and develop additional Dunkin’ relationships. While RFT is headquartered in Bethalto, Illinois (across the river from St. Louis) with a Chicago Branch location in Northbrook, it works with customers nationwide. Director of National Accounts Gary Gerst serves as the contact point person for franchisees and is anxious to bring his company’s products and services to more members of the Dunkin’ franchise community.

“RFT has longstanding relationships with numerous Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners throughout the country, and I look forward to reaching out to and establishing relationships with more franchisees through the DDIFO Associate Member program,” said Director of National Accounts Gary Gerst. “I particularly enjoy attending the DDIFO membership meetings because they offer our company a chance to go to one location and meet with many owners face to face.”

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, RFT has established itself as a leader in the field of drive-thru communications by providing cost-effective, high-quality, guaranteed solutions and by expanding products to keep up with the latest technology and offer a variety of selections. The company proudly boasts lower prices, higher quality products and better service and support than its competitors. In fact, RFT guarantees the lowest prices and will meet or beat competitor pricing by 10%. The company offers the longest repair services warranty in the industry: Four months/120 days, which is 33% longer than the industry standard. Further, they do not require a maintenance contract for service and support. And through its buy back program, RFT will credit customers up to $1500 for their current systems.

The RFT line of products and services includes complete drive-thru systems (i.e., digital headsets, belt packs, batteries and chargers, speakers and speaker posts, timer systems), drive-thru replacement parts and drive-thru repairs. Among the company’s featured products are the 3M XT-1 All-in-One Digital Drive-Thru System, Panasonic Attune Digital Drive-Thru System and Fast Track Drive-Thru Timer and Information System. With its easy-to-use monitoring and tracking capabilities, the Fast Track System is just one example of how RFT can help franchise owners improve customer service and boost the bottom line. Fast Track visual displays allow staff to monitor drive-thru service in real time, and the related reporting module provides historical tracking so franchisees can easily trace progress over time.

Beyond drive-thru communications, RFT offers POS monitors and printers; music from XM Radio; wired intercom systems for in-house communications; and Big Dog digital surveillance systems. A division of RFT, Big Dog Surveillance Systems offer the latest in surveillance technology and can be customized to fit a variety of needs. Designed to reduce theft, control inventory and boost safety for employees and customers, customizable features include POS register integration, motion detection, alarms and notifications, remote access, drive-thru lane and window monitoring, and video archiving.

RFT offers various bundle packages that allow customers to mix and match products at a savings. All of the company’s products are enhanced by free access to factory-trained technicians who can help troubleshoot and rectify problems.

“Whenever we have units that need to be fixed, we just stop in the Northbrook office and they are fixed within an hour. The service is always wonderful,” said an owner of 23 Dunkin’ stores in the Chicago area.
In connection with its 20th anniversary, R.F. Technologies is offering a number of sales and special promotions. Franchise owners interested in more information are encouraged to contact Gary Gerst at 1-800-598-2370 or garyg@rftechno.com. You can also read more about RFT at www.rftechno.com.