DTT’s Loss Prevention Services, the leader of Loss Prevention auditing services for the restaurant and hospitality industries, launched its Loss Prevention Web Portal to all SmartAudit? clients last week. Customers get instant access to all audits as they are completed. The portal allows users to quickly review the audits and communicate with staff or DTT Loss Prevention Specialists about the results. On-Site? video links are made available to quickly review the video associated with the SmartAudit?. Hierarchical user management allows access to users by location or groups of locations.

Don Boyle, Vice President of Loss Prevention Services for DTT said, “This portal is a great step forward. Owners and operators can quickly review and send praise or criticism to their staff instantly. More than just a place to review their SmartAudits, the DTTLP site will be their communications hub.”

About SmartAudit?

DTT’s SmartAudit? tool has enabled clients to increase profitability by preventing loss and improving employee performance, uncovering and deterring theft, and maintaining both client and employee safety. Once made aware of the audits, employees often feel encouraged to work at an increased level of performance and make sure to operate according to protocol. Overall, SmartAudit? provides the opportunity to immediately impact operations without demanding a great deal of time and effort from restaurant operators and owners!

About DTT Surveillance , Inc. , A DDIFO Sponsor

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