Franchisees know how complicated their businesses are in the hyper competitive US market place. Competition for customers, employees, good sites and money, as well as for great franchisee partners and the attention of the Brand is great. We have your opportunity in New Orleans to hear from and ask questions of 3 experts with 3 different perspectives on Dunkin’ Brands: A Three Dimensional View!

Michael Kelter, Managing Director, First Manhattan
Michael‘s fund is the seventh largest investor in Dunkin’ Brands. Michael is a former restaurant analyst at Goldman Sachs, which was of the one of the original sponsors of the 2011 DDIFO IPO, and knows Dunkin’ extremely well. He will be able to relate what investors want from Dunkin brands and how their perspective influences Dunkin’ Brands, and how Dunkin’ officers think about all of their stakeholders, including franchisees. Assuredly, when Michael speaks, the Brand listens.
Nicole Miller Regan, Managing Director, Piper Jaffray
Nicole is the Senior Analyst covering a basket of publicly traded restaurants, including Dunkin’ Brands. Nicole has covered publicly traded restaurants for 11 years and will be able to speak to how Dunkin’ relates to its peers and the brand’s fundamental strengths and opportunities going forward, and why the franchisee journey is so critical to document. When Nicole asks a question, the Brand listens carefully.
John Gordon, Founding Principal, Pacific Management Consulting Group
John has been DDIFO’s financial analyst for a number of years and works complex restaurant strategy, operations and financial management engagements. From his 30-year background in restaurant analysis, he will be able to talk to the required nexus of franchisee sales and unit level economics and how to contribute to the Brand’s efforts during transformational times.