The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) was released earlier this week with good news for Dunkin’ as our customer satisfaction continues to lead the Coffee category.  The long-term trend since 2012 shows Dunkin’ improving back up to 80% satisfaction, the same as the 2013 rating.  Earlier this week, Dunkin’ CFO Paul Carbone participated in the Jeffries Consumer Conference in Nantucket and acknowledged Dunkin’ has a much stronger beverage focus now than food.  At the conference, he also lamented franchisee price increases claiming to have analysis showing that of the franchisees that took the most price increase, they had the highest sales and profit gain, but lost the most transactions.  He declared that Dunkin’ will “continue to educate franchisees why taking price was counterproductive.”  We don’t know yet what price we’ll be taking as taxpayers for the current protest being conducted in the US House of Representatives by sitting congressmen and women, but we do know that they are enjoying great coffee and donuts courtesy of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who yesterday delivered fresh Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and donuts to the protesting Members of Congress.  Not only Congress “Runs on Dunkin”, it protests on it as well!