New Dunkin’ President David Hoffman has been making the rounds with a focus on franchisee relations. In addition, he met with analysts to discuss his first few weeks on the job.  In the meeting with analysts, Hoffman cited his experience in working alongside franchisees at McD and said he already has begun working with DNKN franchisees to improve the brand’s positioning as an “on-the-go beverage” destination. Specifically, he mentioned his experience in the past four years as president of McD’s Asia-Pacific/Middle East/Africa (APMEA) division in developing online/mobile sales and building up the McCafe business, adding that he saw opportunities to improve online/mobile ordering penetration for DNKN. He said he also saw opportunities for DNKN to improve drive-thru efficiency, which accounts for 50% of U.S. locations and 90% of new units being built in the U.S., as well as in the consumer products goods (CPG) channel, the most recent example being the company’s foray with Coca-Cola into the bottled ready-to-drink coffee market. Further, in yesterday’s meeting with analysts, management implied Dunkin’ U.S. comps would be near the high end of its existing 2016 guidance of up 0%-2%, and although the company refrained from providing specific 2017 guidance, it provided a long-term comp growth goal in the low single digits. More specifically, Dunkin’ management cited newer beverage platforms (e.g., Macchiato, Cold Brew Coffee) as an opportunity for incremental sales growth in the traditionally slow afternoon daypart.